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Topshelf Coralindo specialize in supplying Indo’s top premium quality corals for our customers worldwide. Our top premium quality corals are collected by most experience divers in Indo for sustainable corals collection. We have the widest variety of corals that are collected from our collecting station all over islands in Indonesia. At Topshelf Coralindo, we are also one of the biggest in Coral mariculture as well. Our facility is located in the heart of Indo’s coral divers in city of Banyuwangi. Built with modern husbandry systems and operate by our most experience staffs for handling, keeping and packing corals for our customers worldwide.

We are attempting to create higher level of product quality and customer service better than others in the industry. In doing so we are committed to help our customers become more profitable and strong sense of satisfaction as a result of their business relationship with Topshelf Coralindo. So if you are interested of visiting our facilities or having a trial shipment from us, please feel free to contact us at the above number or e-mail address at anytime. We are most happy to welcome all new customers to try our best quality of Indonesia’s coral

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